Diary of a Fat Man: The Preface

by Gregg on February 21, 2013 · 2 comments

I’m not quite sure why I have this in parts. I suppose it denotes an ongoing effort to cease to be fat. I have a unique situation in that I have the metabolism of an adult sized manatee. One of the few things that allows me to get past that is the bike. Allow me to digress:

In 2009 I lost my job. While my schooling is based in fine arts, specifically painting, I had been living a lie as a graphic designer. In Washington DC, this job title is really an anomaly. Most government jobs don’t put out for design work, and while there are some private entities that need these services, generally they don’t reside within the district or outlining areas. There aren’t many firms specifically for graphic design. After freelancing for years, I got a desk job, and within 10 months that desk job turned into a meager unemployment check. While this site, and the podcast that resides within it waned a bit, the future of what I would do as a sole bread winner was in question. Ultimately, I took it upon myself to use my educated training and put it to task. I am a full time artist, and oddly enough, I make enough to support my family. With that, however, comes long days, and long hours.

Yes, yes, I know. Everyone is busy. Let me break down a typical day for you so you can see that my busy might differ from your busy. I get up between 6:00-7:30 every morning, no questions or excuses. I make breakfast for everyone in the house and drive my daughter to school. I come home, shower if I haven’t already, and go to work. I work all day, usually through lunch until about 5:00-5:30 pm. I kick it with the family, eat, bath, whatever. When the kids go to bed around 7:30 or so, I might spend an hour with my wife watching TV, then go back to work. I usually work between 12:00 and 4:00 am, go to bed, and do it again. One of the main elements to this regiment is eating. I eat a lot of crap. Snacking. That little tidbit coupled with the afore mentioned metabolism, well I am sure you can guess what has happened. So now here I am. Fat man. Diary.

Why publicly proclaim these things? I think there is a certain amount of accountability to doing it this way. Adam and I have both struggled with this at one time or another. My shame is in having been at optimal weight, and now being back to ground 0, but that is offset by the fact that I’ve built a career from practically nothing and am still going strong. But this year is my year. The year I get back on track, find time for myself to ride, get back in shape and lose it. Of course I decided to do this in the dead of winter when it’s cold as hell, and my winter gear is set for a man two sizes smaller than I am right now. Yeesh. Nevertheless, pressing on.

What can you expect. Next week I will post video, some computer info, my diet (I am gluten free living in a gf house) coupled with a little self loathing and self deprecating humor. All of this coincides with the Podcast coming back, and a renewed love for cycling (now Lance free! He’s like the MSG of cycling. No good for you!), health and whatever. So stay tuned!


Big E February 21, 2013 at 4:15 pm


I can’t tell you how pumped I am to see some activity on the blog! Couple that with the promise of a podcast to come, well… I’m as happy as a puppy with two peters!

As for the wieght. I feel your pain… I’ve always been big (Big E is not just a cleaver nickname.) but having managed to keep it steady over the winter which makes me feel ahead of the game.

So good luck to you and Adam! Can’t wait to see how it goes.

Rubber side down,

Big E (earlhaze from Twitter.)

MB February 26, 2013 at 5:18 pm

Looking forward to new posts, here.

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