by Gregg on January 26, 2010

22437_244928982306_622877306_3787850_443962_nGregg is known for District Cycling, his audacious interviews and douchebaggary.  These make for some awesome self deprecating content! Gregg loves all things cycling and is striving for betterment on the bike.  Bikes have always been a large part of Gregg’s life, raced mountain bikes, and has done massive amounts of touring with his father as a kid. In college, Gregg got fat. At 6’3″, he topped out at a whopping 260 lbs, so he broke down, got a bike and got to work. Gregg lost the weight, and began to race competitively. Although his weight still fluxuates (like right now) he finds solice in regulating his health through the bike.  As a Native American member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, he finds it important to keep himself healthy where Native people maintain the who’s who of every major health problem and disease per capita.

Gregg lives in Northern Virginia (still DC Metro) with his wife, two kids and 3 bikes. He loves movies, music, long walks on the beach and nights in front of the fire place and sushi.

Gregg can be found contributing to and is the main host for the District Cycling Podcast.