by Gregg on April 30, 2008

District Cycling originated in the mind of Gregg Deal. Gregg was the brainchild that brought District Cycling into existence.  He began it some time ago on a whim and love for cycling.  After using his blog as a means to obtain a press pass to a pro race in the DC area, he managed a few interviews with some big names, and so began the voice of District Cycling. ÂÂ

In 2013, Gregg passed over the reigns to the site to Adam. Gregg continues to be a  contributor on District Cycling and moderator of the District Cycling Podcast, where they continue do their best to push editorialized content by writing about experiences, opinions, pros, amateurs all coupled with humor and truthful statements.

IMG_1053Gregg and Adam met at the Johan Bruyneel book signing at Revolution Cycles in Clarendon, VA.  Gregg took the time to interview Adam because of his involvement in the HD Discovery Channel documentary in 2007 “Livin’ the Dream: The Tour de France”. Unfortunately, that was the only interview Gregg got that day as he was shut down by Mr. Bruyneel. Fortunately, however, Gregg made a new friend.  Who knew in this picture that these two would become BFF?