by Adam on October 23, 2013

Bikes, lights, beer, glow barriers, dirt, hill climb, wtfkits, cxhairs, handups….


Join us next Wednesday October 30 @ 7:30PM



October 3, 2013

Once in a lifetime a gathering occurs that requires the presence of the creme de la creme of the District of Columbia’s elite amateur cyclists. The guest list is so preferential that even the most gifted social climbers have a hard time getting on this list. THIS IS NOT THAT PARTY. If you like: Bikes [...]

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Life Abides

June 19, 2013

Back in April, we shared a story about our friend Christian Williams. Christian and his girlfriend Caroline were severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. Since that time, Christian and Caroline have been on the road to recovery. On Father’s Day (and Christian’s birthday), Christian and Caroline told their family they are pregnant. In the [...]

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May 27, 2013

Rahsaan Bahati has been suspended by USA Cycling. If that were a headline on some professional cycling publication, most would fairly assume it would have something to do with the use of a banned substance. Most publicized suspensions seem to fall in that category these days. However those that have followed Rahsaan’s career would never make that [...]

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Boston Marathon

April 20, 2013

So this morning, Adam just told me that another friend Christian Williams and his girlfriend where at the point of the first explosion in Boston, and both injured pretty seriously. Christian is an artist, designer and cyclist (how we really know him). He’s an incredibly fantastic person and I was horrified to hear about what [...]

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The Classics

April 4, 2013

The cobbled classics are coming to an epic end this Sunday. Teams will line up for Paris Roubaix Sunday with dreams of glory for some, and dreams of finishing for others. Selecting a proper team for the cobbled classics is tougher than it may appear. I think I’ve discovered the perfect classics team recipe. (4) [...]

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Not Doing It Right

March 13, 2013
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Best explanation of Lance to date..

March 12, 2013

I think Bill Burr said it best when….   Oh, and eff Oprah too, right?

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District Cycling Podcast: Episode 42

March 5, 2013

http://www.districtcycling.com/podcast/DistrictCycling_Episode42.mp3 If you can listen here, copy and paste this into your browser to listen: http://www.districtcycling.com/podcast/DistrictCycling_Episode42.mp3 Then there is this (which makes sense after listening to the Podcast): You can follow each member of this podcast at the following ‘social’ spots: Gregg Twitter: @the_lame_sauce Instagram: @thelamesauce Adam Twitter: @followadam Mike:  Twitter: @Michael_Creed Instagram: @michael_ceeed81

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Am I Doing It Right?

February 26, 2013

I don’t use a power meter. I don’t have a coach. I don’t do structured workouts. Am I doing it right? I had a good conversation with a teammate of mine about training methods. For about the last two years, he’s been trying to get me to buy a power meter. When we debrief our [...]

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